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Welcome to the official MB homepage!

MB is a free Windows DNA analysis program. On other systems (Linux, Macintosh) it is possible to emulate the program (see "downloads" page)

Users of MB: latest version information and patches are available here.
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MB is a new piece of software (the first fully-functional version was released in Jan 2004). At the moment there are already over 700 registered users. I am really thankful for all the suggestions many of them have sent to me. But MB is still far from finished. So if you are testing the program, then please take some time to write to me what you think about MB. It is of particular importance to me as a developer that I get feedback, and will enable me to develop an even better DNA analysis program.

Key features of the latest version (released: 16/05/2007)

  • restriction sites search and mapping
  • plasmid/linear DNA drawing, with a possibility to change font properties of annotations and restriction sites on the DNA map and mark unique restriction sites with a specified color
  • calculation of GC percentage and ORFs for 1 selected frame on the DNA map
  • mapping of enzymesí cut positions on the map
  • ability to save all restriction analysis reports into one HTM file
  • multiple sequence alignment (method of hierarchical clustering), various amino acid substitution matrices are included, comparisson of secondary structures of proteins (enhanced multiple alignment)
  • phylogenetic tree building, DND dendrograms calculation
  • protein analysis (translation, chemical properties, prediction of the secondary structure for proteins using Chou-Fasman method)
  • codon usage table calculation (also for selected ORFs)
  • primer design (self-hybridisation, combination of 2 primers and homology search within a given sequence)
  • open reading frame search for all sense and antisense frames
  • molecular weight calculation for single-stranded and double-stranded DNA
  • dot plot (for DNA and amino acid sequences)
  • ability to search for 4 promoter sequences (TATA, Pribnow, -35-Region, CAAT)
  • easy-to-use restriction, DNA and amino acid databases. See [screenshot]
  • advanced help file with explanations on all implemented algorithms
  • alpha helix analysis tool: make a helical graph and hydrophobicity graph
  • other features: [please see description]


  Main package updated

  Update to the multiple   sequence alignment plugin   (version 1.3): download   via update or here

  Join the beta-tester team:   send an email to   techsupport(at)   molbiosoft.de

  New version with   important fixes and   improved multiple   sequence alignment   algorithm has been   released. Get it via   automatic update or from   the download page.   Changelog is available   here

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